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Z Wave

Z Wave in Plastic Surgery

“For the past two years, Zimmer’s Z Wave device has found a home in my practice because of its effective and safety profile as a stand-alone technology for cellulite treatments and for reduction of edema, subdermal irregularities and improved vascularization after non-surgical, minimal invasive and surgical procedures for face/neck and body contouring. Of the many devices in my aesthetic center, I would strongly recommend Z Wave as a complement to enhance the results of an integrated aesthetic practice. Other perceived benefits are that the device cost is affordable, patient acceptance is high, and staff are comfortable in the providing treatments. My clinical research with this device supports our observed outcomes.”

Gordon H. Sasaki, MD, FACS Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon & Clinical Professor, Pasadena, CA


Z Wave and Cellulite

“We added Z Wave to our CoolSculpting® practice as we knew it would both reduce pain and increase treatment efficacy. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many of our patients are enjoying its results as a stand-alone treatment for cellulite. It’s really the first cellulite reduction system that has delivered consistent results in our hands. More importantly, the patients are extremely satisfied and in addition to repeating treatments, they are telling their friends about it. We’ve used a Zimmer chiller for years, and when we looked at percussive machines, the Zimmer reputation for quality of build is why I selected the Z Wave. I appreciate that Zimmer doesn’t incorporate consumables or cards so the Z Wave literally paid for itself in its first months.”

Ross Kaplan, MD Coastal Dermatology, Camarillo, CA


Z Wave after Cryolipolysis

“Since we have been using the Z Wave for massage after CoolSculpting, we have seen a dramatic improvement in nerve discomfort after the procedure. If patients do have discomfort, we have found that a few additional Z Wave treatments help to diminish that discomfort more rapidly. The fat reduction after CoolSculpting® with Z Wave is noticeable more quickly, as early as 4 weeks after treatment, and may be more pronounced in some patients. We also like the consistency of the massage no matter which clinician is performing the treatment.”

Deborah Manjoney, MD Wisconsin Vein Center and Medispa, Pewaukee, WI


“As a dermatologist who strives to provide her patients with the best results possible, I’m always looking for the most advanced ways to enhance a patient’s final outcome. After CoolSculpting, I like to use Z Wave instead of a traditional massage by hand to more accurately break up the cells and area treated. The Z Wave is much more thorough when it comes to evenly distributing results across the treated area.”

Kimberly Butterwick, MD Dermatologic Surgeon, La Jolla, CA


“We use the Z Wave immediately after all CoolSculpting treatments and we have found that results are improved and the recovery is quicker and more comfortable on most patients.”

Ava Shamban, MD Christine Nell, NP Ava MD, Beverly Hills, CA


“We have found the Z Wave to be an excellent method to enhance the results of CoolSculpting®. It is much less painful than kneading the area by hand and I believe provides a more reproducible improvement with fewer post-procedure complaints and/or adverse effects.”

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, San Diego, CA


“We use Z Wave after Cryolipolysis on all our patients. We believe that the uniform resultant immediate warming of cells is superior to hand massage and is well tolerated by patients. The method of action is presumably more rapid heating of adipocytes, resulting in a higher population of demise. We also have not had any patients complain of significant postoperative pain since starting this method; we probably had one per week prior to this time.”

Amy Taub, MD Advanced Dermatology, Chicago, IL


“We all understand that post-treatment massage is important after CoolSculpting and many other sculpting procedures. However, manual massage is subject to great variability as results depend on the technique applied by the medical assistance. With the Z Wave we can control the pulse and speed for optimal results, it’s more comfortable than a manual massage (for both the patient and the staff.) By adding the Z Wave to CoolSculpting® we have seen a large improvement in results. So, in my practice we always use Z Wave with every CoolSculpting® procedure to bring the best possible results to our patients!”

Melda A. Isaac, MD Dermatologic Surgeon, Washington, DC


“The Z Wave has proven to be very popular with my patients as well as my clinical staff. It seems to not only enhance the results of Cryolipolysis®, but it is more comfortable for the patients as well as easier and more reproducible for the staff to perform treatments. We are looking at other clinical applications such as combined with laser and radiofrequency lipolysis.”

David McDaniel, MD Laser & Cosmetic Center, Virginia Beach, VA


“(We use) the Z Wave device post-treatment instead of manual massage. As a technician, I love it. For starters, I didn’t have to set my 2-minute timer. The Z Wave is already preprogrammed. Just turn it on and we have consistency across the board. Now, I can have my colleague remove the applicator for me and I know that the massage will be even on both sides. We had some other exciting findings: 8 out of 10 patients saw their results more quickly and found that the Z Wave side recovered faster than the manual massage side.”

Jen Wasilenchuk Body Contouring Technician Arbutus Laser Centre, Vancouver, B.C. Canada


Z Wave Emerging Technology

“Our practice has been investigating the role of acoustic shock wave therapy (ASWT) following two picosecond laser passes to accelerate tattoo removal. ASWT may enhance tattoo clearance by increasing lymphatic drainage and increasing metabolic activity in the treated area. We have reported ASWT with the Z Wave device to be a safe and effective adjunct to laser-assisted tattoo removal.”

Paul M. Friedman, MD Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center, Houston, TX


Practice Building with Z Wave

“We purchased CoolSculpting® in 2009. After several years of growth, our revenue started slipping in the last couple years. Competition and loss of its novelty were determined to be the cause. Then we purchased the Z Wave and marketed it as a complimentary add on to CoolSculpting® that improves results from 68-100%. Our 2016 CoolSculpting® revenue was the best we had for the past few years. In spite of increasing CoolSculpt competition in the area, our business more than doubled from 2015 to 2016 since we added Z Wave. It was Z Wave that helped us stand out with a competitive advantage in our marketplace.”

Steven Weiner, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL


Z Wave - Excerpts from Client Video Testimonials

“There’s that manual massage at the end of CoolSculpting that people don’t like, where… it hurts and it’s uncomfortable. That’s completely eliminated with the Z Wave. In addition, [Z Wave] can give you 8 -10% more fat destruction… It works extremely well… The neat thing about this device: there’s no downtime… there’s no incision… and there’s no pain.”

Rakesh Nanda, MD Grandview Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Center, Columbus, OH


“We’ve been doing Z Wave treatments for all of our patients who result with a capsular contracture post breast augmentation. The Z Wave breaks up scar tissue and increases blood circulation to the area. We are seeing an incredible difference in patients. We usually have 100% success rate after the fourth treatment. It’s not uncomfortable. Patients tolerate the treatment well. It’s worked pretty much better than anything we’ve ever tried before. The treatment itself only takes about six minutes.”

Brittany Roney Non-invasive Body Contouring Specialist Salzman Cosmetic Surgery and Spa, Louisville, KY


“We’re pairing [the Zimmer Z Wave] with other treatments such as CoolSculpting® and skin tightening and we’re noticing that patients are coming back with much better results. Patients love how easy this treatment is. There is no downtime. We love how quick it is and we’re just loving the Z Wave!”

Carmen Primrose Aesthetician Franklin Skin and Laser, Franklin, TN


“(Post CoolSculpting) we used to use manual massages for circulation purposes and to decrease the discomfort. But now we have stopped that and we’re using the Zimmer [Z Wave] treatment… It’s extremely comfortable. The patients like it and we have gotten improvement, tremendously, using this machine. So every time we do CoolSculpting® now, we use the Zimmer machine right afterward.”

Nissan Pilest, MD Total Dermatology, Irvine, CA


“We own every body contouring technology. We own the CoolSculpting machines. We have our VanquishMETM and JuVaShape Ultrasound & JuVaShape Radiofrequency. But what we have found is that when we couple the Zimmer, the Z Wave treatment with every single technology, we get better, faster and more consistent results. Our patients are happy and that makes us happy, too!”

Victoria Cirillo-Hyland, MD Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa, Bryn Mawr, PA


“Z Wave technology mobilizes dead fat cells after treatment, stimulates metabolism, lymphatic drainage, and blood flow to the treated area. It has added immensely to patient results. We own six body shaping technologies and use Z Wave with most of them and also as a stand-alone. We love our Z Wave. We use it daily, multiple times a day, and we’ve really seen it boost our body shaping practice.”

Sarah Sawyer, MD Dermatology & Laser of Alabama, Birmingham, AL


Z Wave Utility & Non-Invasive Lipolysis Enhancement

“Dr. Stephen P. Beals’ Skin and Laser Center has had a great experience using Z Wave. We have been using the Z Wave for almost a year and find it useful in a variety of ways on several different types of patients. We use it for cellulite treatments; on the usual areas such as legs and thighs, but have had success on arms as well. We find it beneficial for the treatment of areas with chronic pain. Dr. Beals has recommended Z Wave treatments following liposuction procedures for added benefit and smoothing. Finally, we are using the Z Wave in conjunction with other treatments, primarily VanquishTM and ExilisTM, to increase the results and appearance of the area. Patients are pleased with the improvement they are experiencing and we look forward to continuing to use Z Wave in our practice.”

Stephen P. Beals, MD Kelly Gray, RN Skin and Laser Center , Scottsdale, AZ


Z Wave Utility & Non-Invasive Lipolysis Enhancement

“Zimmer’s Z Wave has been shown to increase the fat destruction after use of both the Vanquish ME and Coolsculpting. Studies have shown an average increase of about 68% fat loss (up to 100%) when the Z Wave is used. The Z Wave is a painless 5 minute procedure that is performed at the conclusion of the treatment... [It] causes a shock wave to go through the fat. It pushes fat cells that are “undecided” as to whether they are going to survive the fat destroying treatment over the edge, leading to a more effective treatment.”

Steven Weiner, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL


“The Z Wave has been a wonderful addition to our already great non-invasive body sculpting practice. Since incorporating Z Wave with our CoolSculpting and VanquishTM treatments, we have seen an overall greater reduction of fat tissue with each client... Before Z Wave, our clients would typically not see a very noticeable reduction until 6-8 weeks after the treatment... Now clients are experiencing a dramatic reduction as soon as 3 weeks. All body sculpting specialists at our clinic prefer Z Wave over a manual massage as it is more consistent.”

Mark Yohe, MD Lacey Lommen, LPN Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Fargo, ND


“We have integrated the Zimmer Z Wave into our clinical practice during the past year. Our initial interest was sparked by published reports that incorporating Z Wave treatments in patients undergoing radiofrequency body-sculpting (VanquishTM) yields significantly improved results. Currently our patients receive a ten minute Z Wave session immediately after each VanquishTM treatment. We have also started using the Z Wave on a regular basis in patients undergoing traditional liposuction... Our objectives in using the Z Wave in these groups of patients are to reduce swelling, break up any areas of fat necrosis or panniculitis, hasten lymphatic drainage and enhance overall results. In our experience, the addition of the Z Wave modality has led to higher patient satisfaction.”

Neal Handel, MD FACS Diplomate American Board of Plastic Surgery, Associate Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine